Helping a Research Organization Disseminate Crucial Results


The Challenge

The Nutrition Science Initiative(NuSI), a nonprofit medical research organization focused on obesity, diabetes, and related metabolic diseases, has been in operation since 2012. NuSI felt that their previous site did not reflect the current progress of their research initiatives and that the site was too focused on the organization instead of the research.

The Goal 

Create an entirely new web presence to enhance NuSI’s credibility by reflecting the current progress of their research initiatives; and transition NuSI to a secure SSL encrypted web host and more flexible web hosting platform. 

Our Approach

AG Strategic met with NuSI to devise a new information architecture and content scheme that foregrounded NuSI’s research results and took the focus off of the previous site’s marketing focus. 

AG designed an information rich homepage that eschewed a marketing slideshow and instead used an illustration banner married to research “cards” to highlight the most important content. Also, AG used a custom theme based on Bootstrap 4 and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to allow easy extension of the design if needed later. In addition, AG customized the default admin panel using Advanced Custom Fields to ensure that content can be quickly and clearly updated. 

At the same time, AG moved the site from shared hosting to the platform, which offered built in SSL certificates for a similar annual cost as the shared hosting, while offering speed and development tools welcomed by the NuSI webmaster. 


The revised site is faster, more flexible, and more focused on current organizational priorities.