Redesigning and Moving a Complex WordPress Nonprofit Website to Managed Hosting

The Challenge

MicroSociety is a Philadelphia nonprofit with a long track record of enabling immersive experiential education in K-12 schools around the world. Their website grew over the years on typical shared hosting to include more than 20 plugins of varying quality, complexity, and security -- all integrated loosely into a commercial theme. This complexity resulted in difficulty in performing content updates, inconsistent branding, and compromised performance and security.

The Goal

MicroSociety needed access to its content and wanted to move to an easy-to-use content management system with a responsive front-end and reliable hosting that allowed for quick and easy content updates.

Our Approach

AG Strategic offered to move MicroSociety to a standards-compliant framework, using Bootstrap 4 and the trusted Underscores WordPress template framework. Also, AG Strategic advocated for the state-of-the-art managed hosting platform.

On an interim basis, AG gained access to the production server and performed interim updates for security and stability while building out the new site on Pantheon. After a reskin and redesign, including crucial style and design changes needed by the client, AG thoroughly tested the new site in its new managed hosting platform.


The new MicroSociety site incorporates an easily updatable theme framework on best-in-class managed hosting  that loads many fewer plugins, resulting in greatly improved performance, brand consistency, and security.