content strategy

Research, Strategy and Future Web Planning for a Leading Biological Research Laboratory

The Challenge

With 8 Nobel Prize winners in its rich history, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) stands tall in the field of biological research and education, as the 125+ year old proving ground for innovative research and education programs that have fostered game-changing discoveries and advanced healthcare, modern agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

A leader in scientific discovery and biology education, CSHL retained AG Strategic to elevate its web practices, technology, design and teams to match the world-class status of this organization. 


CHSL engaged AG Strategic to conduct an assessment of our public website technologies and practices, with a specific interest in content management, custom web content, and how well it was positioned for future growth and flexibility and a strategic responsive redesign.

Our Approach

AG Strategic, on three separate visits, conducted extensive interviews with division directors, stakeholders, and senior leadership.  In addition, we analyzed a disparate set of content management approaches -- ranging from PERL to .NET to PHP on both IIS and the LAMP stack.  Additional outside informants at colleges, universities, and top tier peer research organizations helped establish a baseline for best practices.  After thorough background research, AG Strategic prepared a sourced 34-page report, Executive Summary and extensive high-level presentation for CSHL President Bruce Stillman.


Creation of New Web Team and Processes

  • AG Strategic’s findings will be used to plan for the creation of a new web team to implement lean and agile development processes and embark on a phased multi-year plan to harmonize web design across divisions using a responsive approach.

Content Management System Recommendations

  • AG Strategic’s report also detailed some best-fit recommendations for open-source CMS implementations, based on internal staff skillsets and internal culture.

Technology Stack

  • AG Strategic's recommendations will be used to support the implementation of industry-leading backend solutions to support CSHL's web presence.